• Add user Frontend
    This component makes it possible to add users to Joomla and Community Builder from the frontend. This is done by filling out a form and inserting the userdata directly in the database with mysql queries.
  • One Click Registration
    One click registration makes it possible for users to register really fast. Just fill in a name and emailadress and click the submit button and youre logged in and ready to go!
  • IE Compatibility Messages
    This plugin can detect if visitors are using internet explorer. If they use internet explorer the plugin will detect which version and display a predefined message to the visitor. It works with IE5, IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9. You can configure it like you want.
  • Docman SEO
    Docman SEO is a plugin that automatically adds meta descriptions and keywords to your docman downloads. The metadata will be generated from the document description and title in the database.
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