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Written by Kim Pittoors
Sunday, 16 February 2014 00:34

After almost five years of Joomla fun i decided to move my Joomla extensions away from my first and oldest downloadsite ghanja. be. Back in 2008 i never would have guessed that i ever needed to make a separated website for my Joomla Extensions.

Meer is a download website for software and Games and was never intended to get so many visitors from the Joomla Extension archive or from Google because of the Joomla extensions.

I just published these extensions because i thought someone might wanna use it! But at this moments thousands of websites all over the world are using my extensions. Our forum has hundreds of posts because people kept on coming to to get the extensions and support.

Some time ago I realized that was getting more visitors interested in Joomla Extensions then visitors interested in software of games. So i decided to move everything away from and to continue with the name Joomlacy at


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