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Written by Kim Pittoors
Monday, 17 October 2011 15:45

fast-registerCustomizing the regular joomla registration procedure can be a lot of work, and it gets even more complicated when you have a lot of components installed on your Joomla that all need synchronization. Sometimes you wish you could add some extra fields to your registration page in a simple way, without searching dozens of php and html documents in your joomla CMS.

That’s why I made One click registration for joomla. This component is very simple and can be used by everybody. But it’s actually intended for webdevelopers. They can add more input fields in the "registration form" and create additional SQL queries to insert data in the joomla database. This can come in handy when you want to integrate with other joomla extensions.

Therefore I kept the code as simple as possible. People who know a little bit about PHP and SQL queries can easily change this component and use it for whatever they want.


- Choose exactly which input fields you want to display in the backend parameters.
- All fields have Javascript field validation and an additional safety check in PHP.
- Optional antispam question.
- Redirect after registration
- Email Notification
- Choose usergroup 
- When registering the component checks for double usernames and emailadresses.
- This components also supports Community builder but you need to switch CBmode on in the parameters.

For downloads and documentation go to:


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