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Written by Kim Pittoors
Friday, 13 January 2012 19:41
If you are a webdeveloper or if you have a webdesign company that is in business for a while you will undoubtedly encounter this problem. You have an old Joomla 1.0 site which is custom made for your client and you don’t want to upgrade to joomla 1.5 or joomla 1.7. Because this would mean to make the site all over again and that is just too much work.

no-hackSo you want to keep this website online even if it’s not the safest version of joomla. It might even have some vulnerable 3rd Party extensions installed which you don’t know about. The consequences of this decision can be quite frustrating. You will find that your website is hacked over and over again and you have to repair the damage each time. Sometimes hackers can even gain access to other sites on the same webserver and the damage is even bigger.

That why it’s important to keep an eye on those old joomla 1.0 websites. That’s why I made Ghanja Interceptor. This plugin is build to protect old joomla 1.0 sites from SQL injections and local file inclusions. This plugin intercepts and checks data which is sent to joomla making it more difficult for hackers to hack your joomla 1.0 website. It filters POST, GET, REQUEST data and blocks a lot of hidden attacks. It can also temporary block IP addresses from the attackers and there is an optional email notification on attack.

This plugin can prevent a lot of common exploits and can even fix leaks in lots of old and vulnerable 3rd Party extensions. This is good for the safety on your webserver and also saves you a lot of work. Installing and configuring this plugin is done in a minute and will instantly increase the security of your website.

You can download this plugin here:

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