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Kim Pittoors
One Click Registration One click registration makes it possible for users to register really fast. Just fill in a name and email address and click the submit button and you're logged in and ready to go!

This component is very simple and can be used by everybody. But it's actually intended for web developers that need some special input fields in the Joomla registration form that insert data in third party components. Therefore I kept the code as simple as possible and put it all in one file so you can edit it very easily.

Customizing the regular registration procedure can be a lot of work, and it gets even more complicated when you have a lot of components installed on your Joomla that all need to be up to date. People who know PHP and a little bit about MYSQL Queries can easily edit this component.

Functions of O.C.R v1.4.6:
- Choose exactly which input fields you want to use
- Optional antispam question.
- User email notification
- Admin email notification
- Choose user group
- Community builder compatible
- Customize notification email without technical knowledge
- Choose a Custom Usergroup by ID
- Redirect after registration
- Use reCAPTCHA to limit SPAM

* Buyers will be able to download the component from this website during one year.

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