Custom made Joomla Extensions

Sometimes you want to do something special on your Joomla Website but the Joomla Extension you need does not exist yet. There is just one answer to this problem and that is to get your own custom made Joomla Extension.

Another reason to use a custom made Joomla extension is that they will be more user-friendly. Existing Joomla extensions offer a lot of options. But at the same time, those options also complicate the configuration and usage of your website.

So custom programming Joomla Extensions really has a lot of advantages. The only downside is the cost. Hand made stuff is expensive nowadays.

But you really can get a lot in return too. A lot of people ask me to create custom registration forms that make registration easier. I can improve your conversion rates significantly. Feel free to contact me anytime.


About Kim Pittoors

Kim Pittoors
Loving Father, SEO Expert, Web Designer and founder of Joomlacy & Nethit. Into Web Psychology, Usability, PHP and hooked to Linux.

Loves to work with:

Technologies: Linux, PHP, MySQL, Apache, NGINX, GIT
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