Improve existing Joomla Extensions

Do you have a Joomla web site that needs improvement? I would be glad to help you. I have a lot of people asking me to help them with all kinds of Joomla problems. A lot of Joomla websites have usability issues or little annoying errors that just don't go away. Finding the cause can be very hard and frustrating.

So sometimes you might wanna call in an Expert. I can help you with these things and make your life a lot easier. I can also improve your website and conversion rates significantly by improving the Usability and Marketing strategy on your web site.

Feel free to contact me anytime.


About Kim Pittoors

Kim Pittoors
Loving Father, SEO Expert, Web Designer and founder of Joomlacy & Nethit. Into Web Psychology, Usability, PHP and hooked to Linux.

Loves to work with:

Technologies: Linux, PHP, MySQL, Apache, NGINX, GIT
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